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Imagine being able to take the power of the sun or the wind and to convert it into heat energy through a process where NO carbon emissions are produced.

Welcome to Creative Heat – Pioneers of Zero-Carbon Heating Technology

The heating technology developed by Creative Heat can be used to generate heat for a multitude of applications though the primary focus has been to provide heat and hot water in the home.

Utilising low powered heating devices designed to be powered by renewable energy sources we can generate heat using the minimum of power. By making more efficient use of the energy from the sun and the wind means that we can offer extremely cost-effective heating solutions which in turn deliver low cost or, in some circumstances, even no-cost heat.

From the outset we have been determined to deliver heating solutions which are affordable to all and not just the few. Too many times we have seen so-called eco-friendly solutions for heating water and providing heat in the home which are far too expensive and/or obtrusive to implement i.e. solar thermal, Air Source Heat Pumps etc…

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

The Government recently announced that gas boilers will be banned in newbuild properties from 2025 as to tackle climate change. A so-called future homes standard is to be introduced “mandating the end of fossil fuel heating systems”, which would deliver “lower carbon and lower fuel bills too”.

The technology that the Government is alluding to is already here today and available from Creative Heat. Our revolutionary heating technology reduces the dependency on fossil fuels, utilises sun and wind power, which in turn drives down energy costs.

We welcome the Government’s announcement as it is very similar to our own vision.

Where our vision significantly differs from that of the Government’s is that Creative Heat wants to start this process now and not just for new homes but for all homes.

For more information about Creative Heat and the work that we do please contact Steve Smith.


  • Creative Heat Limited

    1 - 5 Employees 2019 - Current
    Creative Heat Limited

Education History

  • GCSE O Level

    Kings School Pontefract
    1972 - 1978
  • A4 Plant Maintenance & Mechanical Engineering

    Whitwood Technical College
    1978 - 1981


GCSE O Level - English, Maths, Commerce, Chemistry

TEC Level III A4 Plant Maintenance & Mechanical Engineering

CeMAP 1,2 & 3

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