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With Almost 10 years as a Sales Executive and Manager I recognise that not everybody is comfortable with selling. I have turned my focus to the development of sales skills and abilities. As the top sales consultant with MJB in the North we GUARANTEE to double or even triple your sales in 6 or 12 months. In just 8 months we have turned companies from £50K per annum to £50K per month and from 3 customers on retainer to 30.

Contact me to arrange a FREE review of your current sales structure and we can look at your sales attitude, strategy, process and pitch and we will begin to transform your profits. 

At MJB we dont push you into buying things, the value is there whether you decide to take it or not. All we ask for is that decision; do you want us to help you dominate your market? Or are you happy with your results as they are.    


  • MJB Graham

    Senior Consultant
    - Current

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