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Hi, I am Kirsty Bortoft and  I am the Director and founder of a company called the  Freedom Alignment Method. We are the most elite premium and ultra-premium stress and anxiety coaching company in the world. We teach and coach professionals, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs to dissolve stress and anxiety, feel like they used to and help recognise their deeper purpose for their life and or business. Which gives them an extraordinary impact on their happiness and phenomenal life.


  • Mindset Coach, Meditation Teacher, Author and the CEO & Founder of the Freedom Alignment Method

    - Current
    Mindset Coach, Meditation Teacher, Author and the CEO & Founder of the Freedom Alignment Method

Education History

  • Business Management

    Hull University
    2001 - 2005

    B.A Business Degree 

    Life Coaching 

    SIRPA practisioner 

    Mastery of self - Ishaya Monk

    Started a Phd. in Metaphscis 

Interests and Hobbies

Meditation, drinking proper coffee, consciousness, personal development, yoga, Shaun T (a nutter cardio session for a near-death experience - yikes for those who have ventured down a Shaun T  programme - RESPECT), roller booting, spirituality, a mind-blowing movie (The Matrix,  Pulp Fiction and Bridget Jones and no I'm not some sort of alternative reality, violent alcoholic! lol) I totally love human behaviour and I am obsessed with the mind and how it works...... I am also a bit of a geek when it comes to patterns, especially in human habits, perspective, attitudes, beliefs and how they affect decisions, heath and projection on the world.  Are these hobbies?  Well, that's me!

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