I work mainly as a translator of literature, and if you look for a translation of Kafka or Capek (sic) it's probably me that you'll find, but I'm also happy to do other kinds of work especially in the fields of environment and civil liberties.


I translate from Czech, German and French (into, of course, my home language, English English).


  • Self Employed

    - Current

Education History

  • university

    Lancaster University
    Philosophy, linguistics and theatre studies (6:2:1).

Clubs and Associations

We are the Ovaltineys, little girls and boys
Make your requests, we'll not refuse you
We are here just to amuse you
Would you like a song or story?
Will you share our joys?
At games and sports we're more than keen
No merrier children could be seen
Because we all drink Ovaltine
We're happy girls and boys.

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