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WHAT I DO: I work to Inform, Educate and Uncomplicate busy professionals in aligning their money with their life through fiduciary financial planning.


No Obligation Meeting


The most successful people in the world have coaches. Top athletes, Entrepreneurs and CEOs of major corporations all have trusted advisors that help improve performance.

When people want to improve their financial situation, grow their assets, eliminate their debts, and reduce their expenses, it’s good to have a financial advisor on side.


➤ I help set Short, Mid, and Long-Term Goals


When people work with me as their advisor, I ensure to regular review their financial situation, meet frequently to update, review and re-strategize so that their goals are kept on track.


I start working with a new client by having a 1-2-1 meeting which assists to capture their current financial snapshot this aids in starting to set achievable goals.


I then begin by breaking the goals discussed starting with

➤ Short-term goals such, as paying down high percentage rate debts and growing emergency funds.

➤ Next I move onto Mid-term goals, like finding the right insurance plan, and saving for a holiday, home purchase, car, etc.

➤ Then finally, there are Long-term goals, such as planning for retirement, inheritance tax planning, decumulation of wealth.


I then look to set appropriate goals that do not significantly affect a clients current lifestyles, while also eliminating their current and future money woes.


I work with my clients to

-      Maximize Their Investing Performance While Reducing Taxes

-      Be the person to discuss their finances with

-      Create a strategy to stick

-      Keep them upto date on any legislation change

-      Ensure that my clients doing the things they know they should be doing.


When it comes to investment performance through compound interest, every percentage increase counts.


In addition to helping improve investment performance, I help clients minimize the amount they pay in taxes each year.


There are several ways that you can do this using tax-free and tax-deferred accounts, by utilizing the right asset locations, through recognizing tax gains at the right time, and through estate tax planning, to name a few.


Determining the right investment types for certain tax situations can be challenging. Financial Planning is looking for long-term success by saving more of your hard-earned money and spending less on capital gains and income taxes.


HOW I DO IT DIFFERENTLY: I take a collaborative and comprehensive approach to financial planning, working together with you to build a plan that reflects YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR LIFE. I am a fiduciary, obligated to act in your best interest at all times, and practice full disclosure.



The way I work is that all my meetings, recommendations, analytics, presented materials are without any cost or commitment, once we have built a plan costs will be detailed in pounds and pence  based on the bespoke solution.


  • Santander

    Banking Advisor
    100+ Employees 2010 - 2011
  • Bank Of America

    Vice President
    100+ Employees 2011 - 2017
  • Barclays Bank PLC

    Vice President
    100+ Employees 2017 - 2020
  • Morrison Wealth Management Ltd

    Financial Planner/ Wealth Manager
    100+ Employees 2020 - Current

Education History

  • Business

    University of Chester
    2006 - 2009
  • Master in Business and Finance

    University of Chester
    2009 - 2011
  • Chartered Institute of Insurers
    2019 - 2020


BA Hons - University of Chester

MSC - University Of Chester

DIP PFS- Chartered Institute of Insurers

Clubs and Associations

Rugby, Skiing, Football, Tennis.

Self improvement.

New challenges

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