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Sales culture & sales management expert, sales trainer, focusing your sales team on completing the right activities to take your business where you want it to go. 

Most salespeople don't sell effectively. In fact, customer feedback from B2B buyers suggests that 80% of them feel that salespeople don't take the time to understand their needs. They also feel that salespeople sell 'at them' and push product rather than taking the time to ask about their needs and listen closely to what they're saying. 


Further, they key to success in sales? Activity!

Are you and your team focussing on doing enough activity, with the right prospects and with skill, knowledge and enthusiasm? And, most importantly on a need-based selling basis?

We can help you re-focus your team. and get them doing the activities that will bring you the results you seek. This won't happen by accident, it requires consistent and disciplined leadership on behalf of sales managers and business leaders to achieve it. 



We love to chat and we love to drink coffee! So give us a call and we can chat about your sales culture over a coffee.


We're delighted to have won the following awards:

SME News 2021 UK Enterprise Awards:

Best Sales Culture Training Specialist (Scotland): Brendan Walsh


Corporate Livewire 2020 Prestige Awards:






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