I run a company called No1Solutions.

We have just released a great new product called Adminkeeper, which is designed to help small companies, startups and sole traders to look after their accounting and book keeping needs. It is a simple to use, on-line service so you get access to your information any time, and from anywhere.

Adminkeeper ( ) makes it easy to create invoices, record expenses, monitor how long until your invoices are due to be paid, and over-due invoices. We have a great feature in Adminkeeper, which allows you to see your accounts history in a graphical way on a time line. It is a great feature. You can also see more in-depth detail month by month about outgoings and income, as well as 21 reports giving you an all round view of your company and how well it is progressing.

Adminkeeper also helps you to manage and maintain your list of contacts, providing a business card type look to your contacts, and allowing you to search for a particular contact, or show contacts by type, eg suppliers, customers, leads etc.


- Online book keeping : Through starting and running several companies I have gained valuable experience in looking after the accounts and book keeping needs of a small company.

- Small Business startup : With the experience I have had with small companies, I have had the opportunity to be a mentor for the Chamber of Commerce in Lancashire. What a great experience being able to help, guide and advise others in starting their own businesses. If you ever get the opportunity, definitely consider taking it, it will be rewarding for you and your mentee!

- Website and Web Application design and development : The internet is changing so quickly, and things that were only ever possible on big powerful computers are now even better as on-line web applications. This gives access anywhere at any time, even through your phone. Internet connection speed now make it very possible to have access to great on-line applications without having to install software on every device you want to use it on.

- Data Analysis : With all the different projects I have been involved in, I have a wealth of experience in taking big blocks of data, and looking at it from different angles to make sense of it. In Adminkeeper we look at our data from more than 6 angles, to give a clear view of how your business is doing. In other products we take data to pieces in dozens of different ways to pull out the interesting information people need to run their operations.


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I am a Christian with a love for our Lord Jesus. My Family and I go to Mount Zion Chruch, in Cliviger, near Burnley. It is an amazing, warm and welcoming family church, which we just love.

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