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I think you would agree most people in their lives at some point have made wrong business decisions intentionally or unintentionally, which have adversely affected others & ourselves either financially or made decisions affecting us personally regarding relationships.

Sometimes we find ourselves at a psychological crossroads in regards to making decisions.

Recognizing stress, depression, and anxiety is not the taboo subject anymore, but the way life has away, of throwing curveballs directly towards us and the perceived so-called creation our lifestyles, is it any wonder the mental health is the number one issue with absences from work and product output. Costing the public & private sector into the hundreds of millions.

Coaching Freedom specializes in evidence-based strategies which in most cases are proven to assist yourselves personally, your businesses, your employee's wellbeing and as result increase productivity within your short or long-term goals.


Proven successful strategies are employed in a one to one strictly confidential & honest motivational conversation with myself, in order to establish your big answers to your big questions, i.e. your purpose in life, what you really value, and what is your USP.


It’s only when these realities are brought into the cold light of the day, the true unstoppable success is unleashed.


I offer a flexible appointment system to suit your lifestyle from Monday to Friday.


So give us a call on 07800830202 the first session is totally free!



One To One Consultations


Most personnel challenges or stumbling blocks are resolved within our first consultation, but if we need to get to the root cause, further consultations may be required.

One to one sessions are at a fixed price of £50.00 per consultation either in person or via the phone.

In-person consultations take place in an outdoor location agreed by our selves in the form of a walk & talk. Don't worry it's not too strenuous.



Group Consultations


Many studies have clearly established that the up and coming generation of employees of the future will be no longer just grateful for a position of employment. Employees are now very aware of lifestyle standards and are motivated by these aspirations. One of these specific aspirations will be to increase their well being within the work environment, ignore this revelation at your peril.
I believe these sessions I offer are an invaluable opportunity to all businesses with employees and specifically target your staff whom might well perceive themselves as not valued within your company resulting in apathy, low self-esteem, low motivation and unsatisfactory productivity.
Let me fix it, let me challenge your employee's behavior & beliefs and put in place proven motivational strategies that work.
I offer staff motivational & wellbeing sessions for up to groups of 15 or less for a fixed price of £500.00 per session. This equates up to to a full day or less whichever may be required.

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