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Design, CAD designs, Architecture, Manufacturing

Need to drive efficiencies in your designs but not sure...

Concerned about ‘bottlenecks’, workflows challenges and data management?Is a training,…
GDPR, Data breach, Data Backup, Personal Data

GDPR - Busting the Myths

Amongst the plethora of GDPR posts and sales pitches it’s proving really difficult to see…
SaaS, UnifiedVU, Integration

Analysis of Cloud Apps integration market

As you know software is eating the world. This is leading to companies using more and…
International Toll Free

What is an International Virtual Phone Number?

An ‘International Virtual Phone Number’ would enable you to market your products or…
Information Technology

Warning 0500 Switching Off 3rd June 2017

Ofcom have decided that the 0500 number range will be gradually phased out over the next…
Information Technology

Why 03 Numbers are taking over the UK

Calls to 03 numbers are charged at the very same rate as any call to any 01 or 02…
08UK, Porting, Beginners guide

A Beginners Guide To Inbound Virtual Phone Numbers

What is a Virtual Phone Number? Before we go any further, we ought to clarify what a…
Information Technology

Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As professionals you have to take note of this and ensure you will be compliant. Our…
Information Technology

Sound More Professional With a Freephone 0800 Number

All businesses need multiple ways for their customers to contact them. When you first…
IT, Training, Training provider


We have a lot to celebrate here at Baltic. Not only have we recently become the first…
Information Technology


We love apprentices here at Baltic. We truly believe in the benefits a business can…
08UK, Leave, Brexit, Remain, Article 50

The Implications of Brexit on the Telecommunications...

On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom public voted to leave the EU. The prime Minister…

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