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I am an senior leader with extensive international experience in new/existing business development, operational management, risk management, business strategy, strategic planning and team building. I have operated successfully across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific in both global corporates and start-ups.

Passionate about business development, I have been instrumental in enabling the growth and success of diverse organisations. I am a big picture thinker with the ability to grasp the business vision and translate this into innovative solutions underpinned by sound financial management. I quickly identify business risks, opportunities and challenges, and and I have experience in fundraising, revenue generation, and ensure robust financial oversight. I have helped build a company from the ground up to create a game changing plane in the world of aviation. Despite this not being my core background, I was able to create someting innovative that has created a huge need globally. See video link below.


  • Omega1Associates Ltd

    - Current
    Omega1Associates Ltd
  • Singular Aircraft

    21 - 100 Employees 2014 - 2018

    Singular Aircraft is a new Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA or UAV) manufacturing company that produces the largest and most versatile unmanned civilian unmanned aircraft, FLYOX I. The aircraft is used for crop spraying, firefighting, transport and surveillance and is as a game changer in the world of aviation. I was Invited to join Joined Singular Aircraft at inception, and have steered the company from ideas and prototype stages to manufacture and production of this leading edge unmanned aircraft .

    Achievements include: structuring an innovative pricing plan, adding and enhancing sales across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Setting up an advertising campaign to position the aircraft at the forefront of the unmanned aircraft market, using the media, TV and various publications as well as extensive network to attract potential markets outside aviation.

    Singular has now attracted international investors and joint ventures generating significant funding, and has secured orders from customers around the world for full scale production. Customers include governments, the military and corporates in the US, Canada, Indonesia, China, Kenya, India, Norway, Iceland, and South Africa.

Interests and Hobbies

Football Manger for Whetstone FC under 16

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