My passion is to create exceptional spaces on the ‘inside’ that are bespoke to my client – after all, ‘it’s what’s inside that counts’. I transform their existing space into an interior that is designed to reflect their personality and needs. Together with my tasteful style I create spaces which will be an inspiration for today’s modern way of living.


Property Developers: Designing interiors virtually and producing well planned out and photo realistic visuals of the properties, before they are even built! This will help to put the buildings on the market as early as possible, increasing faster sales. Once the buildings are complete, I can design a tempting show house that will leave a positive and lasting first impression.

Offices: The office is the space where people spend a third, if not more, of their day. It needs to be a space that accommodates their needs, makes them feel comfortable and stimulates productivity. With previous expertise in office design and after carrying out an intense study into the working environment, I am confident I can help to minimise expenses by optimising the use of space, meet the employees needs, making them feel comfortable and inspired, which will result in better productivity.

Home Owners: Most of our time is spent indoors, but sadly too many spaces are poorly designed and so are uninspiring. My aim is to bring out the best from spaces, ensuring they bring pleasure to the occupants, are inspiring and energising.


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Interests and Hobbies

I have always been creative, and inspired by beautiful things around me. I love to paint.Crafts and making things. DIY projects, transforming old furniture into beautiful desirable items. Cooking, outdoor walks. Spending time with family and friends. Travelling.

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