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Our Investors are working with UK Business Owners with a turnover of £100k or more and are looking for opportunities to WORK WITH YOU and WHAT YOU WANT to ACHEIVE.


We are not business brokers and we deal with everything in the strictest confidence.

Our agenda is strictly to find suitable businesses whereby we see that one or more of the following may apply: -


1. The Business Owner/s wants to Retire and / or Sell.

2. The Business is in Trouble and struggling to restructure correctly.

3. The Business Owner/s wants to grow the Business but doesn’t know how.

4. The Business Owner/s wants to become part of a bigger entity but keep control of his/her/their Business.

5. The Business Owner/s wants to bring in expertise that he/she/they may not have.


We conduct all discussions with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. We are prepared to move quickly.


Importantly we do not charge anything to meet with you the Business owner/s and go through with you what you seek to achieve, and what maybe we can do for you.


You have nothing to lose by one phone call or email.


We Also can Manage all your business finances in one place with Access to funding across Equity, Grants and Loans – and cut your everyday costs.

  * Invoice Finance- Up to 100% of your UNPAID Invoice

  • Is your company owed £100k+ from one supplier, reducing your Cashflow and Working Capital?

* FAST TAP- A bespoke Debt/Equity package for companies with potential but are in distress.

  • Is there a Charge on your business, which is restricting your growth?
  • Are you looking to reduce your Company Debt?

* Mezzanine Finance- A hybrid of debt and equity financing that can  be useful for large business projects, buyouts or expansion.

 * Special Situation Funds- Equity funds that look to exploit events including spin-offs, mergers, bankruptcy, litigation, succession or shareholder action by buying equity in these businesses.

 Funding of £10,000 to £100M

(We are able to see the value of a company in difficult times as well as good).

Whatever your funding needs- Contact us to discuss how we can help YOU!


We are offering your clients a NEW way to obtain financial opportunities that can take their business forward into the new world?

We have a huge range of lenders offering loans to businesses, and they all have different eligibility criteria, application processes and interest rates. Contact us to Discuss

It’s often possible – though more challenging – to get a business loan if you have a poor credit rating. You may need to offer security or a personal guarantee. Contact us to Discuss

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