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Mentor, Career Advice, Career Guidance

A problem shared Is a problem halved.

We've all heard the expression and it's applicable equally to the big wide world as it is…
Attitude, Career Mentoring, Career Management

What do you mean when you say, I should change my thinking?

The attitude you display and project to those with whom you communicate, including…
Attitude, Interview Skills, Career Mentoring

The key to interview success.

In an interview only one result really matters: that's right, you have to aim for and…
Career Advice, Career Mentoring

How strong is your personal brand?

As Dr. Natalia Wiechowski argues in her excellent article "Personal Branding. The what,…
Career Advice, Career Mentoring

Working environment not right?

The environment in which you work is created and shaped by the people who work in it.The…
Procrastination, Career Mentoring

Thinking about a new career adventure?

Have the courage to step outside your comfort zone! If we have defined a specific career…
Goals, Goal Setting, Life coaching

Is Goal Setting Overrated?

James Clear, in Atomic Habits, says, “The problem with a goals-first mentality is that…
Attitude, Career Mentoring, Interview Skills

Becoming the best interviewee you can be.

If you are going to become a top interviewee you need to know you top five achievements…
Career Advice, Career Mentoring

It's never too late to design your career.

Think about your qualifications, what you enjoy doing, your technical skills, what drives…
Career Review, Career Mentoring

Mountains and pebbles in your career.

As Muhammad Ali's famous quote implies, learn to manage the minor irritations at work so…
Career Advice, Career Mentoring

Luck is about being prepared.

Unexpected events that affect our careers will happen to the vast majority of us sooner…
Attitude, Career Mentoring, Career Management

How are your communication skills?

If you have something to say, it’s obviously much easier to get your message across if…

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