Question You Should Ask About Your Business ???

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As we go into we the new year I wanted to give you a powerful MOT from our Problem Solving and Business Development course for your business.

Complete the 3 exercises below and I wish you every success for 2018

1. Ask yourself these question

 How would you describe your business as you see it now?

How would your people describe your business?

How would your customers describe your business?

How would your competitors describe your business?

What would your people want you to do in the business?

What would your suppliers want you to do?

What would your competitors do if they had your business?

What products or services should you drop?

What products or services should you add?

If you could start all over again what would you do differently?

If you had an unlimited budget what would you do?

If you could only afford to fix one thing what would it have to be?

If I could wave a magic wand over your business where

would you want me to start?

 2. Complete the following statements then complete your action plan

The fastest way to increase sales is……….

The fastest way to increase profits is……….

The fastest way to increase production is……

The fastest way to reduce costs is…….

The fastest way to turn the business around is…….

3. Now put together an Action Plan

 My Priorities are………

My main goal for the next 3 to12 months is…………

The actions I will take are………….

I will monitor my progress by……….

I will you know when you I been successful when I ………………

I am going to celebrate by………

Have a great year!
Best regards
Mike Le Put
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MLP Training Training Provider

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