“Well, there goes yet another interview; I wonder whether I’ll get any feedback from this one!
"After my last one I didn’t get any feedback at all from the company and all I got from the recruiter was, ‘The company said your experience and background weren’t what they were looking for!’
"So why did the recruiter put me forward to the company in the first place? He had the search assignment criteria and a job specification from the company; he had my CV and he interviewed me before he put me forward!
"How can they possibly then say that my experience and background were unsuitable - sounds to me as though either the recruiter or the company was giving an excuse rather than a reason!”
There are two job seeking lessons we can learn from this tale:
1) Go through a self-debrief with your coach after every interview to make sure your interview technique is top notch!
2) Ask your coach to help you devise a new self-marketing strategy that includes the hidden or unadvertised job market.
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