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A client called Alex recently asked me this very simple question.
He’s thinking about starting his own business but he’s getting conflicting advice from a couple of friends.
Nadia says, “If I were you I’d jump straight in, you’ll ace it!”
On the other hand Mark says, “It sounds a bit risky to me, I wouldn’t do that if I were you!”
The advice leaves Alex feeling confused and he’s not sure which one to believe.
“Tell me,” I said, “how do Nadia and Mark make their livings?”
Alex replied, “Nadia owns a hairdressing salon and Mark is an admin manager in the local council.”
Therein lay the problem.
Neither of them were really advising him, they were both simply saying what they would do if they were faced with his decision.
As I said to Alex, "They are not you, their personality styles, values and career drivers are totally different from yours: you are neither a gung-ho unthinking enthusiast nor are you overly risk averse."
"You need impartial, objective and professional advice, so let’s start by talking about what makes you tick, your values and what your career drivers are."
If you would like a similar conversation about your career future send an email to mike.warren@proteusconsultancy.com.
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