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Seek the views of others and let those views INFORM your decisions, but don't let them MAKE your decisions and certainly beware of the "I wouldn't do that if I were you" brigade.

Don't let other people define your future.

You need to be in the driving seat of your career.

Most, if not all, highly successful people have a professional coach or a mentor to guide them, but speaking or driving, you wouldn't catch Lewis Hamilton asking a friend how to win a Grand Prix: and he certainly wouldn't listen to an answer that started, "If I were you I'd ...."

Don’t be a passenger; you should be the one who defines the destination, makes the plans and makes things happen.

You should be the one who decides where your career will take you, ideally with the help of a coach or mentor.

But for the majority of people it is not like that.

For most people their futures are decided by the views, opinions, personal agenda and aspirations of the people with whom they interact; a well meaning friend or relative, a line manager or team leader.

Don’t join them: make your own decisions and live your own life not someone else’s! Get yourself a career coach.

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