I'm a Civil War

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I'm a Civil War

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“If you’re a lover that can tell me, then please help me understand. Why you put good into my heart, then tease me with evil since the day I was born?” These are lyrics from Andy Grammer’s song, “Civil War.” His question is addressed to God, according to an interview with Billboard Magazine.

I believe this is a question we all ask, whether we believe in God or not. Daily we face the internal turmoil of making the right decision. Usually the right decision is the one that seems the hardest initially. Although, in hindsight, we usually find that the easy decision led to initial comfort, satisfaction, or delight, but longer term resulted in more pain and unwanted complications.

This principle is true in every area of our lives. For instance, how often has a little white lie turned into a sequence of lies whose subsequent pain far outweigh the consequences of telling the truth in the first instance? Or, have you ever bought that new outfit knowing the budget didn’t really stretch that far? The delayed gratification of saving the money for when you could afford the outfit would have been much more enjoyable than the stress of figuring out how to pay the unavoidable bills with no money left.

The principle holds true for our career choices, hiring choices, leadershipchoices, food choices, exercise choices, relationship choices and more. We are faced with multiple decisions daily, and thousands of decisions throughout our lives where we fight an internal civil war; will I or won’t I make the right decision.

If we are honest, we can see that our lives are the sum total of our decisions. When we make consistent decisions, good or bad, we develop habits. Our habits determine our actions and our actions display our character.

The good news is that we CAN change.

Whatever our past, our future can be different. You can win more battles than you lose. You can change your habits, and subsequently, you can change your life. The war will not end, but good soldiers train to win and so can you.

Let today be the day you stop just existing. Change your attitude from c’est la vie (that’s life) to carpe diem (seize the day)! Will you choose to live or exist?

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Live or Exist came into being out of a desire to see people living happier, healthier, more…


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