Top sports people versus top interviewees.

Top sports people versus top interviewees.

Why are some sports people at the top of their game? We know the answer - it's because they practise, and then they practise some more and then they talk to their coach and then guess what - they put in some more practice! But it's even more than that, they put themselves through a strict daily regime of preplanned exercise and practice designed, in conjunction with their coach, to hone their skills into top notch condition.

So what about the top interviewee? "Well I suppose I could read the job description and look at their web site. Hmm. I wonder what questions they'll ask - perhaps, why do you want this job - pretty obvious really, 'cos I'm out of work. My mate Fred had an interview recently - I'll call him. Well, there you go - that's it and it only took me 45 minutes - I'm ready."

No I don't think so; what you've just described will not cut the mustard and it certainly won't get you a top job. Homework: keep reading the first half of this post until the penny drops and then call Proteus. #proteuscareermanagement
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