How to get more appointments over the phone.

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How to get more appointments over the phone.

There are 2 rules regarding telephone selling and they are very simple.

  1. If they can buy it over the phone, then sell it over the phone.
  2. If they can’t buy it over the phone then Sell the appointment not the product.
To many salespeople sell their hearts out over the phone giving prospects lots of information about products and services that cannot be purchased without a site survey client assessment or application study.

The sales person gives all the information then asks for an appointment and the prospect says “I have all the information I need leave it with me. I’ll get back to you if I need anything.

Unfortunately, this is a waste of time for the sales person and the prospect because without a visit to site neither the sales person nor the prospect know if the Sales persons offering is going to solve the prospects problem or improve their situation.

 If your sale depends on a face to face visit, then it does not matter how good you are face to face because if you can’t get face to face you can’t do anything.

This a master skill of great sales people and dramatically increases sales for the top performers.

There are two types of call in this area:

1 Enquiry Follow up

2 The Cold call

The goal for both should be to sell the appointment. If it is in the best interests of both parties.

Enquiry follow up

The sales person should thank the prospect for the enquiry.

Ask what prompted the enquiry. Ask questions to ascertain the suitability of a meeting.

Then use an assumptive close such as

“What normally happens next is that people welcome the opportunity to discuss this in the comfort of their own home/office.”

Or “The best thing for us to do is come out and have a look at the application and see if there is some way we can help you with this.”

The cold call

You owe it to yourself and your prospect to only cold call people who you believe will genuinely benefit from your offering.

Do your research....

I know you will have been told to be a go getter in sales. But great Sales people are also go givers. They know that the customer must always be better off as a result of a purchase.

Do your research ad be ready to answer the three major questions that the prospect is going to be asking.

1.      Who are you?

2.      What do you want?

3.      And what’s in it for me?

You need a well prepared script that answers the above. You can’t say the same thing to every prospect because every prospect is not the same.

Every approach needs to be tailored to the prospects need.

At MLP Training we have identified 14 standard objections that prospects raise when cold called by below average sales people.

Great Sales people understand that the best time to overcome an objection is before it is raised. They understand that preparation is everything and they are prepared for anything.

The prospect is more relaxed they are keen to meet the sales person and both parties benefit.

If you have any questions, please comment below or message me….

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