Stress Management: Controlling the Controllables

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Stress Management: Controlling the Controllables

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Workplace stress is the biggest contributor to workplace absence, and is costing £Billions every year. Many of us believe that this stress overload is unavoidable, and either we get used to it, or we get out. The truth is that stress is unavoidable, but stress overload is not. There are many ways we can manage and reduce our stress. The best way to learn how to cope with stress is to prepare yourself before you get to breaking point. However, if you are already there, there is hope for you too! In our manic, 24/7 world, coping with stress has to include a whole life approach. There are many, valuable tools you can learn that will help you not just cope, but thrive at work and home.

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Learn to reduce and manage stress so that you can Live and not just Exist in our manic 24/7 world.

Live or Exist came into being out of a desire to see people living happier, healthier, more…


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