Banning Agents' To Let Boards - is This Really A Good Idea?

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Banning Agents' To Let Boards - is This…

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Lancaster City Council have now received approval to introduce Regulation 7 Direction to the areas of Bulk, Castle, John O’Gaunt, Marsh and Scotforth East and Scotforth West as of 1st September 2021. In short, the direction regulates an agents' ability to display a "To Let" board in these areas. This is a massive kick in the teeth for letting agents in the area and seems a tad over the top in my opinion.

One of the main reasons for introducing this is to help de-clutter the streets and reduce the harmful visual impact they create. As a home owner and investor within this designated area I'd want to know how many student houses are within a short distance of my own home and any other I look to purchase. My main concern is that once the boards have been removed, how would residents know who to contact to voice any concerns such as ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour), which is a key part of any council licensing scheme. With Article 4 coming into the Lancaster on 10th November 2021, this is an important issue that I feel needs addressing sooner than later.

I'd be keen to know what other local businesses are planning to do to combat this. I'd be keen to push the council to allow agents to place a discrete sticker in the corner of the front window displaying the name of the managing agent. 

What your thoughts on this as homeowners and tenants in the area?


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