Do you understand your target market?

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Do you understand your target market?

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Who is your Target Market?

Do you have a specific target market?

Most businesses attempt to sell to everyone to ensure their market isn't narrowed. Do you know if you do this you saturate the volume of people who see your message? This means fewer people in your target market will know you exist and therefore not buy from you.

If your marketing isn't specific to your target market you waste a lot of time and money on your advertising.

Focus on your target market

Work out the types of people who would want to purchase your product or service.
Are they male/female?
What age are they?
What do they do for a living?
Where do they live?
What do they do for a hobby?
Understanding who your market is and what they do can help you focus your marketing message more directly.

Think of your advertising

Is it aimed in the correct way?

For example, if you were advertising to new mums between the ages of 30-40, should you add an image with a young 20 year old who has no children or should you use an image of someone their age who they can relate to more?

Do you use wording just because you like it or do you think about what will attract your target market?

Do think about your advertising more, make sure your target market relates to what you're saying in your message. Think about where your target market is and where you should be advertising, why advertise in newspapers if your target market doesn't read newspapers.

Tips to remember...
Know who your target market is
Understand them very well
Target your marketing correctly
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