Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Identify, understand and prioritise remedial action to put right service and process issues
 Voice of the Customer feedback can help define and map the journey that your customers are
trying to make (rather than the journey your organisational hierarchy imposes on them)
 Customer focused metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or
Customer Effort are gathered via email, IVR, SMS or web surveys
 By comparing performance at different journey touchpoints process ‘bottlenecks’ or CX
frustrations are identified as they are being experienced by your customers
 Real-time reporting (and voice-to-text transcription) combined with automatic ‘red flag’ alerting
allows tactical customer recovery
 Asking customers to express in their own words which part of the process they found difficult
generates a store of invaluable insight and allows you to prioritise strategic ‘fixes’
 Combining customer comments and related KPI scores gives a clear prioritisation index,
highlighting which issues should be fixed first.
 The comparatively low-cost of VoC lets you gather feedback at all critical journey touchpoints.
One of our clients monitors KPIs at 9 different touchpoints
 You can build a ‘listening framework’ that deploys feedback channels relevant to specific
touchpoints (e.g. web surveys for online journey, telephone/SMS for contact centre, email for
 Identification of priority issues (and how to fix them) is supported by robust samples that are
gathered in a matter of weeks (if not days). This allows timely implementation of service
improvements that can then be monitored for efficacy – again in a matter of weeks.
 The language used by your own customers is easily understood by everyone in the company. VoC
creates unambiguous training material – unlike the language used by some consultants
 Sometimes the challenge for CX improvement isn’t defining what needs to be done, but rather
getting broader buy-in and prioritisation. Real customers feeding back on issues using their own
words helps to bring this to life with far more impact than dry research debriefs.
CX Optimisation
Why our clients use ServiceTick
ServiceTick helps its clients provide a better customer experience for their customers through:
 Customer recovery – re-engage with disaffected customers to reduce complaints and boost
 Agent performance management – Coaching in the moment; changing the culture in the
contact centre
 Service improvement – identify and prioritise issues with process and customer experience
 Compliance & TCF – Use customer feedback to demonstrate compliance with regulatory
 Proposition development – Evolve products and enhance product range using customer input
 Brand management – track performance against key brand attributes and behaviours
We support our clients with:
 Online, customisable reporting – Customer feedback data can be filtered by date, brand,
product, process, channel, branch, team or agent. Data can be exported from the reporting
console for further offline analysis.
 Best practice survey design – ensuring that surveys are structured to generate: maximum
response rate; minimum drop-off; actionable insight based on the client’s objectives
 Key driver analysis – identifying the primary drivers of KPIs such as NPS, Effort or CSAT
 Issue prioritisation – Our ‘Issue Severity Index’ combines volume of comments with a
thematic score to identify which aspects of the customer experience cause the greatest
concern or frustration
 Customer journey development - mapping your customers’ journey to identify the crucial
touchpoints and moments of truth where the customer’s impression of your brand is shaped
 Benchmarking - the majority of our clients use a combination of NPS, CSAT or ‘ease of doing
business’ (Effort) to track service delivery; and most of them ask questions to determine
satisfaction with specific agent behaviours. This means we have a considerable body of data
that allows us to benchmark individual client scores against a group of brands.
 Multichannel survey delivery – real-time, multi-channel, voice of the customer feedback via
IVR, email, SMS and web
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