Seven Reasons Why Your CV Lets You Down Badly

Seven Reasons Why Your CV Lets You Down Badly

Executives and Senior Managers:
Seven Reasons Why Your CV Lets You Down Badly

Most Executives and Senior Managers have a CV that really isn’t good enough!
By Bernard Pearce
The Executive Career Transition Specialist

The modern job market demands ‘Specialists’ not ‘Generalists’. Yet the search for great Executives and Senior Managers with specific Key Value-Adding Strengths is hampered by their own CV’s – quite generic and often, not even the quality expected from senior people.

The following seven reasons are the most common failures found.

They can all be addressed though and a guide is already available to help you with it!

·         You may think your CV is an easy document to produce, so don’t appreciate how much better you could be presented. It has to work for you when you’re not there!

 ·         It doesn’t test positive against the recruiter’s 7-10 second rule. It might not support your preferred direction and it could allow readers to under-value your potential.  

 ·         It doesn’t identify the Key Value-Adding Strengths that make you stand out from many others, or doesn’t clearly articulate relevant examples that prove your worth.

 ·         It really isn’t you at your best! It might have been written without too much thought or preparation, or even copied using someone else’s style or content.

 ·         It might have had everything brain-dumped into it and you now hope recruiters will be able to work out for themselves what your potential value is to them.

 ·         It might not be credibly presenting your career history clearly and succinctly, nor even demonstrating anything positive about your personality and character.

·         It might have a poor font choice, poor layout, not be easy to read; and might contain spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Common failures, yes – but not insurmountable! You can look better, different and even more impressive – and without telling lies!

Just imagine what a difference it would make and how more successful your job search might be, if you had overcome these common failures!

 The Executive and Senior Manager’s Guide 1: Personal Brand and CV   (Amazon) will take you through the essential steps to getting it right - avoiding the sometimes embarrassing pitfalls the unaware fall into and ensures you enter the battle fully equipped, prepared and confident!

And even if you would rather not do it yourself, there is more help available too!

About Bernard Pearce

Bernard Pearce is The Executive Career Transition Specialist who helps executives and senior managers to create:

Their personal brand - with a dynamic and focused CV
Perfect opportunities - with insight of the real job market
Outstanding performance – conquering the interview and beyond
Bernard's clients better understand where they have greater value, employability and opportunity.

Bernard helps you get and keep the JOB YOU REALLY WANT, either in your current organisation or a new one.

Executives who work with Bernard increase their self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

They secure new roles that fit their seniority, experience and geographical preferences.

Should you and Bernard be working together? Bernard offers a free 30-min confidential ‘Maximise Success Pre-Interview Consultation.’

Contact Bernard to enquire on 07770 237894 or E-mail Bernard@Career-Inspirations.co.uk.

The Executive Career Transition Specialist with a reputation for inspiring, focusing and transforming the careers of senior executives who seek to realign direction, establish new objectives or challenge personal barriers. Recognised as an…


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