Recruitment is a two way street

Recruitment is a two way street

Sometimes employers forget that the job market is a two way street. The focus for the employer is too often on - who is best for my company, what value do they add to my job and who can I/the company work with? Not enough on how can we develop this individual, how can we further their career and why should they want to work for us.

This attitude can manifest at various points in the process, writing the spec, handling feedback, at the interview, at offer stage, during the on boarding process and into those all important first few months of the new employees time with your business.

There comes a time when employers need to recognise that however tough the job market gets for those people looking, they still want to work for a company that values them. Job seekers want a company that offers them development, that creates a culture which allows them the best chance to succeed, that demonstrates that it lives and breathes it's values and doesn't just stick them out there for all to admire but never pays more than lip service. Remember that the best candidates will always have options (even if the option is just to continue looking for a business that wants them!) Therefore take the time to write a meaningful job spec, use the interview to sell the benefits of working for your business and create dialogue and follow up on your promises during the on boarding and first few months. The positivity that this will create will circulate and next time you recruit it may just be a little easier.

The above only really relates to the successful candidates, it is equally important to remember those that are not quite right for your job and make sure they have a positive experience as well. If you can think of the hiring process from beginning to end as a 50/50 process. 50% are they right for us and 50% have we demonstrated why we are right for them then you can't go too far wrong.

If you want help and support hiring the best marketing professionals into your organisation then Hatch can help. 
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